Creative. Strategist. Leader.

I'm a highly-experienced communicator and manager, having written copy for 22 years across a wide range of industries including technology, IT, engineering, FMCG, finance, energy, and toys and games.

As Global Head of Copy at Dyson, I look after the strategy and delivery of copy for all of the company’s technologies, across multiple channels. I’m the tone of voice guardian and manage a team of writers to think, create and deliver copy for a rapidly-growing global audience.

Expertise: copywriting, strategy, storytelling, content development, team management, tone of voice, branding, integrated campaigns, social, digital

Take a look at what I do

Creative writer

I’ve written everything from two-word straplines to 2,000 word blog posts for B2C and B2B clients. That includes social media, web copy, film scripts, display advertising, software and screen copy, app content development, and instructional copy.


Innovative, progressive and positive at finding better ways to deliver high-quality content across the board. Building processes and ways of working that allow creative teams across channels to produce work for a range of targeted audiences. 

Experienced leader

I lead and grow copy teams, from a small, do-a-bit-of-everything resource to fully-fledged specialists. That comes through working with people at all levels across businesses, to create amazing content.